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I really like Neutrogena’s fast tonal correction for dark spots. Ever since I started adding serum to my skin care routine, this has become a serum I will never forget to use.

It will not irritate, it will become smooth and make my skin glow.

This Neutrogena Quick Tone Repair is a new product for dense dark spots. This brightening repair cream is indeed a solution to help reduce annoying and unwanted dark spots on the face, neck and chest. Neutrogena Dark Spot and Brightening Repair Cream is rich in Vitamin C and Retinol, some of the main ingredients can deeply moisturize, heal and restore skin vitality. With this lightly scented cream gem, my skin has never been so soft and refreshing.

There is this black spot on the side of my face. I was very excited when I read about this product, but I have been using day and night products and paired it with the Quick Tone Repair Dark Spot Corrector twice a day. I didn’t see any changes in my black spots at all.

This is great! I recommend you to use it!




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