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Today I am here to review a product, and I am sure that it is part of everyone’s makeup and skin care routine, namely a moisturizer. I keep trying new moisturizers from time to time.

The dual-acting formula can penetrate deep into your dry skin and continuously moisturize the skin to make it look soft and smooth. The highly advanced oil-absorbing microsponge system controls and reduces the shine of oily areas.

On its packaging, it comes in a white plastic bottle with a pump on the top. I really like it because it saves me the time to squeeze the product out of the tube. The packaging is very sturdy and simple, making it ideal for travel.

I really like this moisturizer. When my skin is dry, this moisturizer is really helpful without making me feel greasy or greasy later in the day. It really doesn’t have the scent I like, a little bit will definitely go a long way. I also really like that this moisturizer feels light on my skin. I would recommend this moisturizer 100%, especially if you have dry skin.

This is my go-to facial moisturizer. It suits my skin very well. It will not clog my dumping and leave my skin feeling hydrated.

I recommend it!




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