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I just started using it but so far it is a good moisturizer.

Not only is it a perfect lightweight moisturizer, but it’s the only product I’ve tried that reduces hyperpigmentation on my cheeks.

I love it, I have only used it once so far so I can see the smell, but the fragrance is very minimal and the lotion does the job.

I generally like Neutrogena products because they are always of high quality. There is a light fragrance, but it is very light, it will not stay for too long, and it is not medicine at all.

The lotion is not liquid or super thick. You do have to massage it into the skin, but it gets absorbed within normal time. It’s the only moisturizer that smoothes my skin without making it look or feel greasy.

I am amazed to finally see an improvement in my brown patches. It’s gentle, affordable, and works great. I have been using this product for about two weeks and my skin feels smoother and hydrated.

Most products with sunscreen leave me shiny and beet red, but this is great. I like to use it under my makeup as it is very matte and does not leave me with a shimmery moment after application.

I want an affordable lotion that comes in a pump or tube, has no odor, is non-greasy and will keep my face moisturised all day, which meets my criteria.

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