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The nourishing touch of Neutrogena Shine Control Matte 2-in-1 Face Serum & Foundation introduced today strengthens your skin.

Infused with rice protein, this hybrid primer and facial serum helps absorb excess oil to reduce shine. This serum primer provides a matte finish and a smooth finish that is ready for makeup application.

I decided to buy this matte primer to recreate the look and have had success thanks to this primer.

As the first two-in-one work. It is very lightweight and does not take long to dry. You have a nice cheesy feel so your makeup can hold up.

I love that it comes with a dropper and the texture is not sticky. This primer also imparts a soft sheen to me and makes my makeup look more natural.

It also feels very hydrating, but Neutrogena’s Hydra-Lifting Serum can do the same without being in their primer.

It’s kind of like a serum you use in your skincare routine.

It helps hydrate my skin and helps my makeup stay on for longer throughout the day. I also noticed that it does help control the shine around my T zone

I have very oily skin and this just makes it matte and feels hydrated at the same time. I put it under my foundation and it makes my face look flawless.

The only downside to this primer is that if not fully massaged into the skin, it leaves a fine-grained texture in some areas that is noticeable under foundation.

But don’t lie, this is the best primer I’ve personally used! !

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