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An absolutely wonderful medium texture lotion! It is very light and makes my skin silky smooth.

I use it day and night. It absorbs quickly and allows my skin to breathe. It also has this pleasant smell. It’s not greasy at all, which is always a plus for me. I like Neutrogena® Sheer Oil-Lotion, and boys and girls will also like it.

This lotion is smooth to use and feels great. I like Neutrogena products and their healing effects on my skin and their effects when I use them.

Neutrogena Sheer Oil Lotion contains a unique milky formula, which effectively and comprehensively provides and maintains the necessary moisture for the skin, making your skin not only soft, but also full of vitality. Neutrogena Sheer Oil Lotion, with its perfect moisturizing nutrients, deserves to be called a trustworthy companion for the skin.

After using Neutrogena Sheer Oil Lotion to fully moisturize the skin, the skin will be firmer and healthier to protect the skin from harmful substances such as sunlight, dirt, bacteria and viruses, and environmental pollution.

I like to use this body lotion. I have very sensitive skin and it is difficult to find a lotion that will not cause me to break out. This makes my skin feel fresh and clean without acne! I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a clean autumn.




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