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I applied it around my eyes every night during the first week and didn’t really see anything. A week later, I found that this cream can be used both day and night. Oops!

For some reason, I am still not good at applying eye cream every morning. I can’t seem to get into the habit of adding it to my daily work.

After using the eye cream every night for 4 weeks (a few times in the morning), I can tell you that I noticed that my under eye area has become firmer and smoother.

The product reduced the appearance of fine lines and even brightened my dark circles.

I was surprised by the lightness of the quick wrinkle repair eye cream. It is squeezed out of the tube in the form of a white cream, but it melts immediately when gently tapping the skin, and then disappears completely without a trace.

After being completely absorbed, it will not leave any residue. It is very suitable for the layering of makeup primer or other skin care products.

The formula does not contain any added spices, but its ingredients do have a faint “fresh” smell.

Eye cream will make you look well rested, even if you don’t actually have one!




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