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Replenishing Ocean Mist is a refreshing tropical fragrance.

Reminds me of eating fruit by the beach on a windy day. So specific haha! After the epidemic is over, I really want to do this. Renewal pear and green tea also smell fruity. The pear scent is very important to me and I like it.

They are all liquid cleansers that use mild surfactants to clean the skin. The main difference is their texture. Shower gels tend to have a lighter and thinner consistency, which makes it more suitable for warm climates.

I can’t really find the green tea fragrance in it, but it may be because I am not familiar with green tea drinks/food. The refreshing original fragrance smells more musky, comfortable and comfortable.

The bottle is not suitable for travel at all due to its size, and the pump does not have a locking mechanism. If it is pressed carelessly, it may cause leakage. I like the transparent bottle because it makes it easier to see the remaining product quantity, and I don’t need to open the lid to see the contents. The shower gel is turquoise/Tiffany blue and has a medium consistency. Not the type of water, but it is very concentrated.

This is a very good product!




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