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Perfect your pout with this nourishing lip plumping serum. Rich in peptides and antioxidants, our formula visibly smooths lip texture and plumps lips.

I use a lip balm to prevent chapped, but I have never found a product that relieves wrinkles and actually smoothes my lips. This is amazing.

I really like using the unique applicator tip to massage the product and gently exfoliate my lips at the same time. Absorbs well and leaves my lips feeling soft and I often use it at night or before applying lip gloss.

You can expect a little tingling and after a while, lips will be smooth. It absorbs, softens lips and leaves no surface residue. Don’t expect a swollen lip look, this is a gentle product.

For me this gave me what I was looking for. It does not last long but absorbs rather than just sitting on my lips.

I use a lip scrub before application, which adds a slight plumping effect. Since it is so light, it works well under lipstick. There is also a slight tingling sensation and a small amount of taste which does not bother me.

I love this lip plumper as I do feel that it helps my lips look fuller and plumper.

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