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Anyway, have you tried body oils? The first one I tried was Olive Oil Mist from The Body Shop.

Its light sesame formula glides on easily and moisturizes dry skin. It is so transparent, it just disappears into the wet skin in the shower, making it soft and silky. Exuding healthy brilliance. Even without moisturizer, the experience can be touched.

This body oil has a very nice fresh floral fragrance. After a tiring day of work, I dropped a few drops in the bath and felt very relaxed.

In addition, this is a very light oil, and your skin can absorb it quickly. I am totally in love with this product and will always use it.

I like this oil. When I leave the shower, I will apply a small amount on the wet skin and my skin is very soft. Then I wait for a minute or two before getting dressed, and the softness will last until my next shower. This is an amazing product.

This product helps my skin in winter. It keeps my skin moisturized and very smooth.

I have tried various brands and this is definitely my favorite body oil. Very suitable for sensitive skin. It is very moisturizing, smells good, and is very long lasting. I would recommend this to anyone.




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